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Diecast Toys - Made in Hungary: Metalbox & "Noname"

At last but no least  we now discuss the last known big Hungarian diecast manufacturer Metalbox, the other small factories illegal copies, and a lot of unknown or non categorised models. We already discuss about the Metalbox GMK-t as the authorised Matchbox and Corgi maker.  But paralell on the authorised licenced production the factory made a lot of illegal diecast copies as well. A lot of another small factory is made a lot of different model at this time but It's almost immpossible to collect all information about these models. That's the reason why I call these models as "No-Name".

  • Cessna N402CW Matchbox Skybuster
  • Dune Buggy Politoys J28
  • Datsun-126X Matchbox
  • Abarth 2000 Pininfarina Politoys J19
  • Jeep CJ-6 Matchbox
  • Renault Alpine 210 Politoys J12
  • Scania Bus Majorette
  • Zastava Coral Yugo

  • Police Launch Matchbox


  • Clipper Matchbox
  • Hondarora Matchbox 
  • Lotus S Matchbox
  • Field Car Matchbox


  • Ford launchable
  • Porsche, VW launchable
  • Jeep Toyota Land Cruiser Majorette 1:43
  • Jeep 4x4 Matchbox
  • F-1 Racer Matchbox
  • Volkswagen Golf II GTI Matchbox
  • BMW Matchbox Superkings

(Photos: Breki Finnland)

The illegal copy of the Matchbox Skybusters Cessna 402. They had on a various color with a wide range  sticker as ambulance, police, military and so on... on their wings and vertical stabilisator. The package contain a standard gear, skid, and two missiles on the wing. (Photos: beczl)

 The copy of the Dune Buggy Politoys J28 - They had a working black plastic sunroof and a plastic luggage set (usually a scuba set).  (Photos: beczl)

A very rare "Twin pack". Buggy-t with towed Police Launch. The towing bar is missing (Photos: Porshce)

Datsun-126X copy. It's smaller - about 75% -  than the normal Matchbox version but their finish is very close as MB. Metal body with plastic baseplate. (Photos: beczl)

It's a almost a Matchbox Jeep CJ-5, but it's not , you can check here why it's a non regular MB. Note: check the different wheels (Photos: Breki Finnland)

Majorette Jeep Toyota Land Cruiser 1:43 copy. The build quality is very good. Opening front and back doors and with a luggage set on the roof. (Photos: beczl, www.vatera.hu)

Kojak is ready for ride (Photos: Bog Zoo)

Illegal copy of the Renault Alpine 310 Politoys - Metal body, plastic baseplate, no interior. Some model has a roof light, some not. (Photos: beczl)

Majorette Scania Bus 1:87 copy going to Disney Land :-) (Photos: beczl)

(Photos: beczl)

(Photos: Breki Finnland)

Zastava Coral Yugo. Made by AuroMetal in Yugoslavia. When the war in Yugoslavian was break out one of the Hungarian "Metalbox" buy the remaining parts, models and the distributing rights from AuroMetal in 1991. When the Metalbox run out the original AuroMetal parts (baseplate, wheel) they replace with their own plastic or bare metal one's. (homepage.nifty.com)

The Torpedo firm copy of the Matchbox Police Launch. IMHO it should better than the original MB one. Metal upper side, plastic body.  It used to available many color variations and stickers. Usually had an accesories for example: macine guns, horn, antenne, monitor, flag pole...Do you know why need a machinegun for these ambulance or sport boats? :-)  (Photos: beczl, www.vatera.hu)

Matchbox Rola-matics Clipper copy. Origin is unknown. Very poor quality (Photos: beczl)

Abarth 2000 Politoys J18 - I don't know who made this but it's a very rude copy. (Photos: beczl)

The copy ot the MB Hondarora copy. You can see a very simple plastic copy in the bottom. (Photos: beczl)

(Photos: beczl)

(Photos: Sam.Joe, Porsche)

These launchable model made by the Metalbox and other small firms. Usually has a plastic body with metal baseplate. Sam.Joe- "It's a double copy, becasue the launcher mechanism copied from the MB "Burnin' Key Cars" and the car is the MB-09 Ford Escort RS2000. copy. It very hard to play with this because it's too light for the launching. In this case it's not rolling just flying. :-) (Photos: beczl)

Copy of the Matchbox Jeep 4x4. Similar design and product except the baseplate text. (Photos: beczl)

Matchbox F-1 Racer origin unknown (Photos: beczl)

Volkswagen Golf II GTI Matchbox copy with same logo as you can see on the F-1 Racer. (Photos: beczl, www.matchboxmemories.hu)

Full metal Lotus S7-es. It's the copy of the illegal copy Hobby-Cars S7 (saját kép)

The copy of the Matchbox Field Car with same text style like on the launchable models baseplate (Photos: beczl)

 Copy of the 1:43 Matchbox Superkings BMW 750iL with friction motor. The overall quality is very good (saját kép)
Thanks for the other pictures. It's made by: Sam. Joe-nak, Porsche, Ikarus 256, Brek, Bog Zoo, Pila77, Zsoca.

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