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Unofficial/Illegal Hungarian Made Corgis

You should already read my previous post about the Hungarian made Corgis. This models build under the legal contract between the Corgi and the Hungarian diecast company - Metalbox GMK. Now I try to collect all information about the unofficial or illegal Hungarian Made Corgi's.

20 - Penguinmobile 1:60
Firm: Unknown
Color: "Corgi" Blue, Red
Wheel: solid plastic with or without silver painted center/hub
Baseplate: Back Plastic without any logo or marking
Window: n/a
Sticker: Umbrella or Aries decal on the hood, Univers decal on the tailfin 

 Penguinmobiles - Two illegal copy in left hand side and the one real in right (photos - beczl)

289 - Volkswagen Polo 1:32
Firm: Metalcar
Color: White, Red, Blue, Black, Green, Gray, Lightbrown, Blue with White doors, 
Opening doors and boot.
Baseplate: Back Plastic without any logo or marking
Window: Colorless, police/ambulance version lightblue
Sticker: Red cross, Police, Ambulance, John Player Special, VW Polo 4, Fire
The front grill, headights, taillights are made from metal sticker. Some models have a glass on the opening boot some not.

Volkswagen Polos - The Polizei version is a real Corgi version (photos - beczl)

VW Polo Bigfoot: Based on Corgi VW Polo

VW Polo Bigfoot: Based on Corgi VW Polo (photos - www.vatera.hu)

86 Fiat X1/9 Torino 1:60
Firm: Metal-Play-Mobil
Color: Lightblue, Orange, Red
Wheel:  6 spoke Metal-Play-Mobil style
Baseplate: Bare metal with Modell Corgi Juniors Fiat X1/9 label
Window: Colorless.
Sticker: Fiat Torino sticker on hood, Fiat sticker on boot

Fiat X1/9 Torino (photos - beczl, Breki - Finland)

R503 Corgi Cubs
Firm: Unknown
Color: Green
Wheel:  One piece plastic with plastic inner spun hub
Baseplate: White plastic without markings
Window: n/a
Sticker: Pirelli Solo Series, Porsche, 13

R503 Corgi Cubs (photos - www.vatera.hu)

To be continue...

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