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Diecast Toys - Made in Hungary: Hobby-Cars

One of the most interesting part of the Hungarian diecasts at the 80's was the Hobby-Cars Modell "Superfast" diecast cars as well. These toys was the one largest domestic toy seller - "TRIAL Sport, Instrument and Toy Distributor Co." own brand (In hungarian - TRIÁL Sport-, Hangszer- és Játékáru Nagykereskedelmi Vállalat). Only 21 TRIAL toyshops available  at Budapest in 1985.

Unfortunately these goods wasn't produced at a large number and it's only available at the bigger toyshops. All of the Hobby-Cars Modell "Superfast" diecasts made by "PEMU Pest county Plastic-, Toyparts- and Mass production Factory" at Solymar plant  (In Hungarian - PEMÜ Pest megyei Műanyag-, Játékáru- és Tömegcikkipari Vállalat). The PEMU doesn't produce a diecasts only the TRIAL, they produce a diecasts part for a lot of other diecast factory (Metchy, Metalcar, Metal Playmobil) as well. That's the reason why you can see almost a lot of same diecast parts in a different models (for example wheels, windshields).

  Hobby-Cars models:

  • A-Model Ford Matchbox
  • Datsun 126X Matchbox
  • BMW Turbo Majorette
  • Lamborghini Diablo Corgi
  • Lotus Super 7 S4 Matchbox
  • Planet scout Matchbox

A-Model Ford Matchbox copy. The first has a MB style wheel and metal body, the second has a plastic body and MB style wheel and Hobby-Cars logo on their plastic baseplate (Photos - beczl)

Datsun 126X Matchbox copy - You can see the different type's of the wheels. (Photos - beczl)

(Photos: Breki Finnland)

The copy of the BMW Turbo Majorette - The mold wasn't very smooth. A small hole exist almost all car right side. The car exist with and without townotch version.
(Photos - beczl)

(Photos: Porsche)

  A BMW - Hobby-Cars Motor friction wheel version. The exact copy of the Majorette BMW Motor. Their rear wheels has a thick rubber ring like Darda (Photos: beczl)

(Photos: beczl)

Lotus Super 7 S4 from Matchbox - An another MetalPlay-Mobil version is exist too.  That's 99% a direct copy of the Hobby-Cars Lotus 7. Only the Hobby-Cars text missing in their baseplate (Photos: Sam.Joe, Porsche)

(Photos. beczl)

The copy of the Matchbox Planet Scout. You can see an interesting wheels variation. In normal the bigger wheel is place in the rear. In this model the bigger wheel molded in the front gearbay.  The quality check wasn't the firm strongest part. :-) (Photos: beczl, Sam.Joe, Porsche)

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