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Diecast Toys - Made in Hungary: Metal Play Mobil

"Officially" the Metal Play Mobil toys produced by the same factory as made the Hobby-Cars Modell cars. Many of times these copys based on an another illegal copy (for ex. Planet Scout). But these goods didn't made by only one firm or factory, almost each individual part made by a different small firm or handicraft companys for example: Polycolor Co (Csepel industry district) - (In Hungarian: Polycolor Vállalat (Csepel Művek iparterület) and The Handicraft Plastic Company of the Capitol City - Plastic unit (In Hungarian: Fővárosi Kézműipari Vállalat Műanyagfeldolgozó Gyáregység) (Budapest VIII. Csepreghy u 2-4). 

Than the final assembly and packaging finished by the Csepel Unique Machineri Co. (In Hungarian: Csepel Művek Egyedi Gépgyár Vállalatnál (Csepel Művek iparterület). The Hungarian Domestic Transport Co (In Hungarian: Belkereskedelmi Szállítási Vállalat) responsible for the distribution based on the contract of the MAHIR Tobacco and Gift Shop (In Hungarian:  MAHIR - Dohány és Ajándékbolt Vállalat). In this case the distribution and selling is not too hard work because at this time in every city had a MAHIR shop or pavilon as usual. The Metal Play Mobile product line / production capacity is almost the same as the Metalcar  but the Metal Play Mobil diecasts quality is always worse than Metalcar one's. The "diecasts" has a plastic body and sometimes baseplate too. Therefore nowadays almost impossible to find a Metal Play Mobil car in Mint condition.

Metal-Play-Mobil diecasts:

  • BMW 3.0 CSL Matchbox
  • Car Transporter Matchbox
  • Caravan Matchbox
  • Chevy Stepside Pickup Corgi
  • Datsun 126X Matchbox
  • De Tomaso Pantera Matchbox
  • Fiat X1/9 Torino Corgi
  • Fire Chief Car Matchbox
  • Freeway Gas Tanker Matchbox
  • Hellraiser Matchbox
  • Leyland Articulated Tanker Matchbox
  • Lotus Super 7 S4 Matchbox
  • Mazda RX7 Matchbox
  • Mercedes Benz 450SL Matchbox
  • Hot Wheels Police Corgi
  • Planet Scout Matchbox
  • S-2 Bucanner Jet
  • Swing Wing F-14 Matchbox
  • Vauxhal Guildsman Matchbox

The poor copy of the Matchbox BMW 3.0 CSL. The doors won't open and it has no interior. (Photos. beczl, www.vatera.hu)

Matchbox Car Transporter (Photo: www.matchboxmania.de, Breki Finnland)

Caravan Matchbox with unofficial copys - Exactly copy of the MB Caravan just some plastic parts rougher than the MB one. You can see the different interior colors. (Photos: beczl)

Caravan - It's a direct copy of the MB Caravan. Just the plastic body and the door opener stick is a little bit rough. (Photos: Bog Zoo)

(Photos: Breki Finnland)

Corgi Chevy Stepside Pickup's copy - The baseplate is completely plastic and it has interchangable for the other models body for example Mercury Police (Photos. beczl)

Pick-Up with Big-foot Baseplate (Photo: Breki Finnland)

The copy of the Matchbox Datsun 126X -  The  car is almost the same construction as the Hobby Cars Datsun but they had no opening doors and the whole body was made of some cheap plastic. (Photos: Sam.Joe, Porsche)

Matchbox De Tomaso Pantera - Plastic body, metal baseplate as usual (Photos. Breki Finnland)

Corgi Fiat X1/9 Torino copy - The baseplate with the unofficial Corgi Juniors marking. (Photos: beczl)

 (Photos. beczl)

Matchbox Fire Chief Car  - Similar than the other copys - Plastic body with no interior (Photos: www.matchboxmania.de)

(Photos: www.matchboxmania.de)

(Photos: beczl)Matchbox Freeway Gas Tanker copy - The truck and the tow wheels are different. (Photos: www.matchboxmania.de)

Matchbox Hellraiser - Unfortunately it's almost a full plastic (Photos: www.matchboxmania.de)

(Photos: www.matchboxmania.de)

Matchbox Leyland Articulated Tanker - The design is same like the other tanker. The wheels are different too. (Photos: beczl)

Matchbox Lotus Super 7 S4 - The Metal Play Mobil copied the Hobby-Cars Super 7. Both model parts was interchangeable 99%. (Photos: homepage.nifty.com)

(Photos: homepage.nifty.com)

Mazda RX7 for Matchbox - The quality is better that the other Metal Play Mobil cars. It has opening doors and good suspension. (Photos: beczl)

The copy of the Matchbox Mercedes Benz 450SL - You can't see the whole details in the picture but the quality of the copy was very good. The car exist with a plastic or metal tow notch and without tow notch version (Photos: beczl)

The copy of the old Hot Wheels Police car - The baseplate is the same like the Chevy pickup. The first and back wheels are different as you can see. (Photos: beczl)

Matchbox Planet Scout copy - The Hobby-Cars has the same modell but these Scouts body made by plastic and has a tow notch. (Photos: www.matchboxmania.de)

Matchbox S-2 Buccaneer Jet (Photos: www.matchboxmania.de)

Matchbox Swing Wing F-14 (Photos: www.matchboxmania.de)

Matchbox Vauxhal Guildsman - The car type is written to the hood below the number 6 (Photos: www.matchboxmania.de)

Caravan twin pack's - The combination is very strange. (Photos. beczl,  www.matchboxmania.de)

The most interesting Twin pack. Mercedes with Super 7 on a Caravan baseplate trailer. (Photos: Breki Finnland)

Unknown model (Photos: Breki Finnland)

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